The world is a better place with the innovations and new discoveries. This has made us to lead a more comfortable life. Now we get access to any thing with just a few clicks. Each day, our lives are getting shaped into a new dimension and we are quite fortunate to witness this. The word is getting shrunk and is coming to our finger tips. The scientists all around the globe are trying their best to make our lives easier and cosy in nature. With each passing day we are relying on the machines or the technologies to make our lives better. For this, the scientists have made the size of the transistors smaller as compared to the earlier days. We are now able to do our works more efficiently.


The transistors are the basic component for each laptop or computer. So the lesser the size, the better it is. The more the transistors, the faster the machine works. And in this digital world, we are driven by the speed. And with the increase in the number of chips, the faster will be the work.

The machines are getting more sophisticated and we are now enjoying the fruit of the hard working scientists’ who work for the betterment of the world. They have made all these things possible.  Now what matters is how fruitfully we use them. Often, the most advanced technologies get into the wrong hands. This is what we must be aware of.

Future Prospects

The size of the transistors have reached a few nanometres and it has almost reached the lowest limit. Currently they stand as much as 10-20 nanometres. We can expect them to get lower in size with the years to follow.

But there is a problem, their working is hampered and we may not be able to get the desired result and satisfaction. The quantum effects come into the play and we have to face the consequences for all this. This is a matter which is being looked into and the matter is taken very seriously for consideration.


Alternative Methods

Where there is a problem, the scientists are always there to help us out. In this case, they are testing  new transistors type using different materials like the molybdenum disulphide and carbon nanotubes instead of the commonly used silicon.

These transistors are much smaller than the usual size of the silicon. This is a blessing in disguise as it could pave the way for the new innovations. Well, it might take a bit of time to come into existence and we might be able to witness a great revolution.

The world is getting advanced with each passing day and we are only making it better. The world is getting crammed into a tiny world. We must use the resources for the best use and also look for better life style. For the time being, the engineers and the other researchers are trying to make the new transistors easy to work.