typing speedTyping speed is one of the main criteria that enhance the productivity and also efficiency in this technology world. People who have low typing speed will suffer very high while comparing to the high typing speed person. If you have faster typing speed then your efficiency will be more, in this post I have shared the best tips to improve the typing speed. And follow those simple tips; definitely it will work out for you.Body Position: Body position is one of the best ways that allows you to type more quickly. Yeah obviously, if you have better body position, you can type faster. Let us consider the following phenomenon where you need to type a page with approximately 5000 words. If you were using a good posture for typing those bulk pages, you can easily type them without any sort of hassles. In the meantime, if you were sitting in a sitting bench and allows you to perform that task, it may take more time to complete the task. To type fast, you need to know which posture will helps you to type faster and quicker. So always sit straight in your chair and make a comfortable place to type more quickly. And if you were facing your palm in the surface of the keyboard, then you can increase the speed of the typing process.Memorize the keys present in the keyboard: By memorizing the keys in your keyboard, you can easily increasing the typing speed of yours. If you memorize the keys, you can type without seeing the keys that are present in the keyboard. So this will let you to increase the typing speed of yours and at the beginning stage it will be more complicated for you. But after practice you can easily increase the typing speed and you can even type without seeing the keyboard keys.

 typing speedPractice Practice Practice: This is the traditional method that allows you to increase the speed of our typing, it is the best way to increase the speed, in order to use this method, you need to choose a page in the daily newspaper and you should type them whenever you’re free. Either in WordPad or notepad just types the content and repeats this process daily until you see some improvements in this process.

Keep exact position of fingers: One of them main thing that is to be considered while typing is that whether you were keeping the fingers exactly on the correct words. For example, thumb finger should be placed in the space bar and index finger should be in f and j respectively.

Use shortcuts: Even if you were typing faster, using keyboard shortcuts will make you to work faster and saves your precious time. Not only with fast finger moments, we should use some sorts of keyboard shortcuts to save time and work faster.