Downloading files in the torrents are one of the common things in this world, people use to download tons of movies and musics in the torrents. Most of the people in this world would have heard of torrents site, and for downloading files in the torrent site, you should install a bit torrent client that allows you to download files from the torrent file. Without installing torrent clients, you cannot simply download the torrent files from the internet. If you were one of the who always want to watch movie in the torrents and don’t want to spend your precious time in waiting until the download completes, then you should use this method to watch the torrent files without downloading them. By using this method, you can directly start watching the videos in the internet browser when you connect your personal computer to the internet. You can watch movies, tv programs and whatever you need in your personal computer without using torrent client to download the files.Things that should be needed to stream torrents:If you want to stream the videos from the torrent files, you need to install the Rox Media Player, this application is totally available at free of cost on the internet. If you install this application on your personal computer, a simple player will be created in your windows, that enables you to view any sorts of videos that might be movies, audios and so on.You can download the Rox Media player from its official for free, you can directly access the official website by simply clicking here. Download the Rox Media Player from the given link and install it on your personal computer. Once you have successfully installed the Rox Media Player on your personal computer, open the application to watch your videos.

Now you need to locate the magnet link of the torrent file in which you need to watch directly on your personal computer. Magnet links are available on all torrent sites,you need to copy the magnet link to the Rox Media Player. It will take few time to buffer the video on the Rox Media Player to stream on your personal computer.

Rox Media Player allows you to directly watch the videos on the personal computer, it will take depends upon the number of available seeders on the internet. So it is always wise to choose the torrents with maximum number of seeds for a torrent file, so that the video will stream without any sort of lag on your personal computer. So keep in mind,more seeders more speed and vice versa.

And also, Rox Media Player won’t stream the torrent files that are fake, download the torrent files from the proper source in the internet. So that, you will get a better source of streaming videos on your personal computer. Hope you will use this method for watch your videos directly on your personal computer.