HDWhen it comes to the gaming world, every player wants to show how well he or she is playing any game. With barriers to entry reducing every year, Let’s Play videos and live streams have become increasingly common. Now capturing as well as streaming game-play from the Play-station 4 has been achieved from the device directly and a small hardware investment can yield incredibly high-end results. All it requires is a little extra effort and in absence of any elaborate or expensive set-up, anyone will still be able to stream and capture console video.
The process of capturing and streaming PS4 game-play:
For this process, the excellent Game Capture HD60 from Elgato has been utilized. Microphones and cameras are additional gears that will be required and no other high-end gears are required for this process.On the DualShock 4, there is a dedicated button- Share. Tapping this button will display all the sharing options available ranging from video clips to screenshots to Share play. Once you select the Options button, need to select the share settings. From this, the user will be able to go down and configure the settings according to their requirement. In the menu the users will have two options, the first one being change in the length of the video clip and the second one being changing the behavior of the Share button. There is another option, which lets the user customize as to what shows in their broadcasts, and the last and final option is about their profile and account.

Playstation 4-1In PS4, the last 15 minutes of the game always gets auto recorded, the user will be able to share and upload their video play, they need to click on the share button and select the most recent video for uploading. Upload Video clip option will allow the users to select the most recent video clip saved by the square tab. The users will be able to upload their selected video to Facebook or Youtube. Even though the entire process is very simple, the outcome and the final clip can be even more compressed then you can expect.

The players will also have the option to move their video clip into a USB drive. They have to plug their USB drive and launch the “Capture Gallery” application from the PlayStation 4’s main menu. Once you have navigated through all the videos that you like, just select the options button. This will give the option of copying the selected files to the USB storage Device. Let the entire transfer procedure complete and once the device has been safely removed, it can be used on tablet or PC according to the liking.

As far as live streaming is concerned, PS4 has built-in support for both U-stream and Twitch. Before anything the user will have to create an account for either on these sites. Once logged in, hit on share button,   select the Broadcast Game-play and select the streaming service. Once the username and password has been entered, the user is ready to roll. The user can configure their streaming setting as well. User will be able to link their social media account as well.