Having a car is not just what reflects your standard of living but what matters is which brand you are using. The brand is the major criteria that tend to attract the car buyers. As the cost too varies as per the given brand of the car. The car buyers are generally faithful towards their preference of brands. There are many brands like Toyota, Hyundai, Ford etc that’s the first preference of those who intend to add car in their style statement. The car buyers have a believe that not just a car, rather an exceptional brand will enable them to maintain their high standard of living.

But, these days with the growing complexities it is not just the brand that counts rather the car buyers as well as the sellers have been aware of the fact that they need to provide and get satisfaction in terms of technology and longevity rather than just focusing on style and hi-tech designs.

A recent development concerning this matter have been revealed by a U.S. website which projects the ratio of buying and selling cars and have shown concerns that the car buyers are more particular about the technology fed in cars and are not a bit hesitating to pay more for it.

The most talked about feature is an adaptive cruise control that every buyer is looking for in a car. As it enables to prevent accident or crash by automatically adjusting the speed, so that the car remains at a safe distance from another car running before it. This feature reduces the risk of accident and hence the parents are very much concerned about it before buying a car for their children.

One of the most preferable technology that all the car buyers are looking for are the components of comfort and entertainment. They want the car manufacturers to include Wi-Fi and voice command features so that the car remains not only a car rather it becomes a smart car just like their smartphones.

That will adjust to everything according to the given settings and will work in terms of the voice command. So, the car buyers have really become smart today by not being concerned about the price of the product rather what are the latest technology included in it.

Autotrader Senior Analyst Michelle Krebs said that the automobile companies should be much concerned about providing latest technology as that what will only enable them to hold the market.

Design, style, elegance should be clubbed with best available technology. Since, the car buyers know what suits them the best and the sellers are also aware of their needs. As satisfaction from all ends is what matters.

Along with the technologies the safety measures are also very important as road accidents have become very frequent these days. So, along with adaptive cruise control, air bags and other life securing stuffs should be present in it. This is the job of the manufacturers to make the car less subjective to risks that’s the only way to be the choice of the majority.