With recent news it’s confirmed that Chinese Government is ramping up their own cyber-attacks capabilities by using system which can target those who are outside to its borders. Researchers of Citizen Lab at University of Toronto’s found that the Great Cannon is more than any extension for country and it is distinct attack tool which can hijack the traffic of individual IP addresses and can also replace the unencrypted content or videos on web.

How ‘Great Cannon works?

The GC (Great Cannon) was used as a tool in recent hacks and attacks against GreatFire.org and GitHub, however; according to reports the intercepting traffic sent on the Chinese giant search engine Baidu’s servers and it makes all the average web users to be the part of attacks.

If Great Cannon saw the Java-script files in the form of request on its any of available servers by taking any of one action such as; it will either drop the request before it reached to Baidu’s server and instead of sending the malicious java-script back to those who are requesting access or it will passed the request on the Baidu’s servers in unmolested form.

If any user is an requesting user is an individual who is living outside of China and browsing a website which use of a Baidu infrastructure server so the malicious script will enlist the requesting user in the form of an unwitting participant as a part of DDoS attack against GitHub and GreatFire.org.

Whereas; in the recent discussion on the issue Baidu told to the Wall Street Journal that it was not the part of GitHub attack. If any cyber attack is originating from China so there is nothing new as the main purpose of operational deployment of the Great Cannon is to represents the significant escalation and it is useful tool to enforce the censorship by weaponizing the users.

Cyber Attacks_1However; the researchers from Citizen Lab is pointing that Chinese government is part of GreatFire.org and GitHub cyber hacks or cyber attacks through Great Cannon which is located in research process with the Great Firewall.

The Great Firewall and Great Cannon have some kind of side channels which suggest to share some of the important source codes, as most of the people are unaware about the fact of Great Cannon of public software’s that craft packets to introduce the TTL side channels, says reports.

The reports also added that it was puzzling as Great Cannon is able for large attacks to outside of China. While; concluding the report researchers stated that deployment of the Great Cannon can also reflect the desire to counter Chinese government against U.S. government for the purpose of hegemony in the cyberspace. This disruption could be an attempt to block the functions and operation of undesirable resources such as; GitHub and GreatFire.org.

This report comes within days after U.S. President Brack Obama signed an exclusive executive order which will authorize the Secretary of the Treasury in joint discussion with the Secretary of State and Attorney General to impose sanctions on individuals as well as entities which are involved in malicious cyber attacks.