A team of engineers in China had come up with an innovative and honorable elevated bus solution to deal with the ever worsening traffic woes in their home country. They had shown design for creating an elevated bus which can easily carry the passenger right over the cars and other vehicles plying on the road without causing any congestion. The Models shown for the Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) doesn’t really show a traditional bus design rather it appears to resemble like a tram. The unique perspective about this model is that it moves above the road surface while other vehicles can drive beneath it which feels like going through a tunnel.

Beijing International High Tech Expo leaves everyone spellbound

The ongoing 19th China Beijing International High-Tech Expo had a great range of models and designs which were quite spell bounding in nature. There were models of lunar rovers, deep-sea submersible; transit elevated bus and virtual reality canoes.

The model of the transit elevated bus was criticized for its toy kind of look and it appeared more like a railways set rather than a bus. However Chinese officials were delighted by the design and they believe that it will help in lowering the traffic related woes to a great extent. China is suffering from really pathetic traffic congestion problems on a national scale which results in causing huge problems both the government and the public alike. TEB can be used to set an example for the future of the city transport in various cities across the China without causing any disturbance to the traffic.

Elevated Bus_1

Features of TEB

Transit Elevated Bus will have the capacity of about 1200 passengers. This capacity is similar to any standard subway train and it will cost just one fifth of what it takes to build subway train. Transit Elevated Bus will be used o major arteries and roads which are known to have worse traffic conditions in the peak hours and later on it can be brought on the less congested routes as well. TEB will run on the rails which have to be embedded in the road surface and it will not hamper the movement of the traffic at all unlike the trams.

Bai Zhiming who is the engineer working on the Transit Elevated Bus project had stated that construction of the TEB can be completed within a year after getting required approval. The first city which has been selected for testing the TEB is Qinhuangdao City. Currently work is going on the build the necessary infrastructure for the TEB and it is expected to complete by the second half of this year. The paper submitted by the TEB engineers has speculated that they will be able to get buses and infrastructure ready for any major city by the end of this year if they get the necessary approval in short time period. TEB is a grand idea and model which if turns out to be successful and feasible then other nations can even the same on their roads to remove the traffic congestion.