Everybot RS700 is the new age mop cleaner you have been waiting for

Cleaning floor is a tedious task and it still being cleaned with the traditional methods which are both time consuming and back breaking in every fashion. Modern developers have come up with an alternative which is quite futuristic and feature than the traditional means. This device is called Everybot RS700 which happens to be the ultimate cleaning robot and it can work on any floor without hesitation. Developers are looking for backers on the popular crowdsourcing website Kickstarter in order to make this product commercially viable.

It comes with built-in multi-directional as well as multi-axis sensors which allow it the freedom to clean in in any direction without human intervention. Secondly it has necessary sensors in place to detect and avoid obstacles such as furniture and object left behind on the floor. Quite interestingly it can even detect and avoid a number of household hazards such as floor vents, drains, staircases by making use of the vertical floor sensor.

Everybot RS700 smart and it shows

Everybot RS700 comes with a very smart technology dubbed as ESA or Exit Shadow Area Technology which helps in distinguishing between well-lit and darker locations. When cleaning the area under the furniture usually homeowners have to remove the furniture in question or have to perform some stretching in order to reach the dirty spots. With this robot you don’t have to worry about the unreachable corner anymore as it can drive right into such spots and do the needful of cleaning the floor without any hassle. It very easy to operate with its one touch operation system wherein you simply touch a button on the robot or use a remote controller to sprung it into action. It also doesn’t have cables to stick to the electric ports and creating a mess all-round the house.

More number of cleaning modes for your benefit with Everybot RS700

Everybot RS700 has six different cleaning modes design to deal with specific cleaning needs of the floor. It ranges from auto cleaning which basic cleaning mode to ‘Y curve cleaning’ mode for more complicated cleaning areas. It also has ‘Focus cleaning’ for highly focused cleaning upon certain areas, ‘corner cleaning’ as the name suggests for dealing with the corners, ‘Manual cleaning’ mode allows users to control robot movement through special arrow keys on the remote controller and ‘Turbo’ cleaning mode wherein its speed is enhanced for better effect.

This mop bot gives complete control to the users to customize as well optimizes the cleaning modes as per their floor conditions. It can work on variety of floor materials, types and structures without any hassle. Regardless of the furniture arrangement in the household it can clean every portion of the surface by marinating the highest level of cleanliness.  Everybot RS700 bot also offers the traditional cleaning mode wherein a handle props out of the body allowing users to take in hand clean almost anything form the glass windows, desks to cars ad much more.