Vacuuming is a tedious and demanding task and also happens to be an expensive affair. In order to get the best cleaning experience and to remove the need of spending too much time in cleaning activities one has to spend a fortune in buying the best autonomous robotic vacuum. With the rise of the new age DIY projects it is possible to equip your existing cheap vacuum cleaner with new age functionalities and features or simply grab some of the electronic garbage and turn it into a low budget Roomba. One of the popular Instructables users named MosfetN has showcased a really smart and cheap way of building low cost Roomba vacuum cleaner.

Roomba CleanBOT is the answer

The robot designed by the user is called Roomba CleanBOT which can be built by the other users as well by following the simple instructions present online. This self-developed robot is engineered to work in two distinct manners which include regular vacuum and the active mopping. Using the latest Smart Home Kit users can boost the control of this robot as it can designed to work autonomously and even remotely through Android Smartphone.

The tutorial present on the user website clearly states what kind of tools, motors and other necessary hardware parts are required to develop this robot from the scratch. It also gives the details pertaining to its unique vacuum cleaner system along with varies features like active mop and how to place the sensors, battery and other equipments. Controlling the robot might not be a simple tasks as it makes use of some of the intricate technology and science behind it so an elaborate ‘how to control’ the robot instructions are also given for the benefit of the common users. Roomba CleanBOT comes as the best DIY project or low cost Roomba for anyone who is looking forward to get the best of the modern technology by spending a little time in the garage.

Roomba Costs and application

The best thing about this DIY project is that it can be completed with bare minimum costs. This is due to the fact that most of the parts utilized in this project can be collected from the common electronic garbage. So altogether it costs nothing more than $100 dollars or to be more precise the costs comes in between $50 to $75. The resulting budget Roomba isn’t a low performing device rather it comes equipped some of the new age digital features like sonar and IR proximity sensors which enhances its potential and increases its on job efficiency to a whole new extent.

Most of the DIY projects are designed to perform a specific task or for a relatively fixed number of tasks but in this the Roomba CleanBOT is a real winner. This is completely based on custom platform which means users can modify its development procedure precisely to meet their very own working demands and needs. Apart from performing the regular chores of dusting and floor cleaning users can expand it area of work by using their creativity and intelligence to suit their needs.