The communication systems are the best at this time and not only verbal communiqué; the communications through social and other media is quite popular these days. The invention of computers in the last century and thereafter the development of internet opened up the floodgate for manufacturing and service providing companies to entail in to exploration of a huge market. The erstwhile systems e. g. letter, post office, old fashioned landline telephone etc. have already either get obsolete or taking or pushed to the backstage by new age E. Mail, Websites, Mobile phones etc.

Social Media, facebook and Others

It is a well known fact that the social media has developed in such a way, its impacts on social arena is so massive that has the potential of formulating and to some extent guiding people on various issues. Although there are some prominent Social Medias, such as; facebook, twitter, whatsapp, googletalk, viber etc. are available in the webworld, with their respective characteristics and impressions, but undoubtedly facebook is the front runner and may be the best among the equals.

The impact and popularity of facebook has created a huge community worldwide, where not only the communications among its users but in some way social issues are being highlighted and also been used as an avenue for propagating any message or preaching of specific ideology, political thoughts. Within a bit more than ten years the enormous growth of facebook is quite enviable for others and this fact compelled the facebook authority for relentless research and development of features that enriches the site and made it the darling of millions of its users.Reactions_1

The Latest Changes and Features of facebook

  • Until the other day, there were just three options available in facebook i.e. like, share and comment and people were tried to cope up with these options in expressing their emotions or views but very recently there are some other options are going to be added, which will provide a huge opportunity for its potential users.
  • Facebook adds ‘Reactions’ to Like button feature, a set of six vital emojis, which are considered as “Reactions”, to the most iconic “like” button as new features and already tested these in Spain and Ireland. These six important features will be anger, happiness, laughter, love, sadness and surprise, which will potentially help the user to express and share the best of emotions and views.
  • As per the spokesperson of facebook; these extensions of buttons will provide added options to express their reactions to any particular post in a very constructive and easy way but he didn’t mention anything about the introduction of these extensions to the users of other countries.
  • There was longstanding issue and people were demanding for an “unlike” button that would help to express the reaction against a negative post. Although the CEO of facebook, Mark Zuckerberg informed the whole world that they are working on a alternative option to “Like” button but it has not been addressed till date but now Facebook adds ‘Reactions’ to Like button feature.