A specific hour on Tuesday became a remarkable day which will be etched in the memory of all the users for a really long time to come. On this day two major social networking sites namely Facebook and Instagram went offline for nearly an hour which caused a great panic and furore worldwide. The users of the Facebook took on to the Twitter to voice their concerns of a possibility of the social media meltdown.For an hour the Facebook users were left on their own with just error messages popping up on the screens which showed that the website is offline. Theories started emerging about a possible hacking incident but in reality it was caused by a major failure which occurred within the company itself.

Online World Declares Internet Apocalypse

The sudden outage has also given a huge rise of jokes and humorous theories on Facebook’s rival network Twitter. Some users even feared about a possible ‘Internet Apocalyse’ wherein these services of Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, AIM and Hipcaht would never come back online at all. The shutdown of the Facebook even saw a large group of users scrambling to get their Twitter passwords. Some users even blamed this outage on the blizzard which was hitting the various parts of the USA.

instagramThe shutdown remained in effect for almost an hour and it tested the resolve of the users to a great extent. People took to other social media services and platforms to express their views and reaction which ranged from simple amusement to grave panic. The users from all around the world started raising their voice in order to get heard and send across their messages. It might appear amusing and illogical now but that one hour had really tested the resolve of the users and brought a new theme of ‘Internet Apocalypse’ in the mainstream.

Lizard Squad Makes Claims For Causing Shutdown

Earlier during the Christmas holidays a notorious group of hackers called Lizard Squad had brought down the Sony and Microsoft Xbox gaming networks. Lizard Squad again tried to take advantage of the situation by making a false claim for causing shutdown. The members of this hacker group went on to proclaim on Twitter with a posted picture that they had caused this shutdown. The tweet read confidently that “Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, AIM, Hipchat #offline #LizardSquad.”

Social Websites and Services Gets Restores Within An Hour

The Facebook took heed to the sudden shutdown of its main social networking website along with other associated services. The Facebook and others services like Instagram and Tinder were brought back online within a span of an hour and a spokesperson of the company even released a statement which denied any hack attack. The sudden outage was caused due to the change that affected the configuration systems and brought the major services offline for a considerable time.

Facebook officials had also stated that the company had taken quick steps to fix the problems and all the services are back to 100% for all the users across the world.