Facebook is creating waves with its announcement of beginning the testing for a shopping tap on its mobile application. It is seen as a move to ramp up its advertising and online commerce offering to the advertisers in a new way. Facebook had steady started making handsome revenue through mobile advertising over the years and now it accounts to as much as three quarters of the total earning from the social media. Facebook is now looking to explore the possibility of providing an alternative for buying items directly from its app along with greeting the users with marketing messages.

Facebook is way beyond the place of social networking

Facebook had stated in the statement that people from all round the world are not just using its social network for connecting with their family and friends but also familiarizing with the brands and products. In the last decade a commendable number of brands had brought their focus to the Facebook and had utilized its platform to get in touch with the targeted end users. A large of offers and campaigns centered round providing rewards to the Facebook users or urging them to visit the main parent websites is quite rampant on the Facebook. This is being done by the brands and products in order to boost their sales in an organic and just manner.facebook

Facebook shifts its focus on enhancing experience

Face book has given heed to these interactions between the users and brands on the social media platform. Now it is working on a build more enhanced experience for the users right at the Facebook app which will allow them to discover more products on their smartphones and it will also help the businesses in driving the sales. Testing is being performed by Facebook to introduce a new ad format that will allow users to smoothly purchase products right at the Face book app without the need of visiting any outside websites or links. Most of the time the necessity of moving out of Face book ecosystem and going to a certain external website results in stalling and delay in the shopping process which is hated by the users.

Shop section to debut On Facebook soon

Facebook is set to initiate the testing of the Shop section on its app which will offer an opportunity to the users to ‘discover, share and purchase’ products directly from the app itself. This feature will be rampant in the beginning by featuring in the News Feeds or Pages of  it but very soon a proper place will be set for it.

A smaller number of US partner will be participating the testing round of the Shop section tab in the mobile app. Face book will be taking in the feedback from the users and it will take care of all the glitches and necessity of adding more featuring to aid shopping on the app during this phase. Marketer will get an opportunity to display their list of products in a single ad with inks and a dedicated ‘Buy’ button will also be integrated in the app to assist shopping process.