When you buy a PC, it will work very smoothly; day-by-day the performance of the personal computer will be automatically degraded. Most of the people will buy a new PC, if the performance of their personal computer gets worse. In this post, I have shared the simple ways from which you can easily speed up your personal computer.

Speed up the Startup: The foremost weapon to speed up your personal computer is speeding up startup programs. In sometimes, your coffee can brew in a same time your personal computer takes to boot. If the number of programs in the startup gets increased, it will reduce the speed. So it’s strongly advised to remove the unwanted programs from your startup program lists. You can remove unwanted programs in the MSconfig utility of your personal computer. If you want to remove unwanted programs from the list, open the Run and type MSConfig in it. Go to startup tab and uncheck other unwanted services and programs from the list.

Make updates automatically: It is always wise to turn your updates into automatic mode, updates will make your device work faster. But updates notification is annoying, and we can click remind me later to avoid annoying update information. If you were doing like that, soon your device will make you feel frustrated by slowing down. So that it is always wise to run the updates automatically, so that you can keep your device up to date. If any program requires manual updates, find out those programs manually and update them by yourself. This makes your PC to work faster than before, never feel irritated for updating the software on your personal computer.

Slim Down: Some programs cannot be easily removed; they play an important role in your daily life. I suggest you to replace heavy weight applications with low weight software, for example, a software package such as Microsoft Office require more amounts of RAM usages and require more data to install it on your personal computer. But you can use alternative software such as Open office to reduce the usage of RAM and storage space on your personal computer. Likewise, you can use VLC player for playing videos and audios rather than using other software.

Remove Unwanted Programs: By removing unwanted programs on your hard drive, the speed of the personal computer can be easily boosted up. Using programs such as CCleaner, you can uninstall unnecessary programs in the personal computer. This softwares not only uninstall the softwares, but also it will remove the temporary files that are found in your personal computer. Clean and fix unwanted registry files periodically and make your personal computer neat and clean.

Buy Some Upgrades: Upgrade your motherboard with some extra hardwares such as improving RAM, installing graphics cards. You an do this upgrades within a budget of 100$, this will make your personal computer workfaster.

By following this simple tips, you can easily speed up the performance of your personal computer very easily.