Would like to make a noodle salad, but a simple, that is, where you do not have to spice so much. Because unfortunately, it happens to me too often to howling, that I spice the salad. Do you have pasta salad recipes, where you do not have to season anymore? (Questions from Amateur) Hestan Cue presents an intelligent cooking system.

Cook the pasta in plenty of al dente water. Heat tomato paste with oil and garlic, add 1 teaspoonful of salt and a pinch of pepper, add the cooked, warm noodles, carefully simmer the sherry vinegar, the feta cheese, the sliced olives, and the small dried tomatoes… (Answers from Pro Chef)

These are the conversations of the amateur/ Professionals who tries to cook their own food! Now, what you are going to go through below is, about a tool that can shows to the world an amateur cooking as a great chef!

“Hestan Cue” is a cooking tool that can connect recipe application, burner, and frying machine with Bluetooth. No matter how hard you cook, people who do amateur cooking can make perfect one if you have this tool.

Easy peace as the application leads

It uses a hot plate like a burner, a frying pan, and an application in conjunction. Since it manages temperature and time, opportunities for failure such as scorching and lack of fire will be gone.

Also, explain the cooking procedure with video. Since the application will guide you what to do next, even people who are not good at cooking can easily cook.

Hestan Cue presented an intelligent cooking system that will greatly facilitate the preparation of meals. The product consists of an electric ceramic hob and 1600W heater as well as electronic components and a wireless module.

It’s been a long time since the cooking was a difficult art, requiring a lot of experience. The development of technology has made it nowadays much easier. And the increasingly modern kitchen equipment even an amateur can prepare a tasty meal.

Many recipes introduced in the application were invented by famous chefs around the world.

It is also attractive to be able to reproduce the professional taste at home. No matter how difficult it seems, if you select a recipe and choose a quantity, pan and burner will also manage the temperature and will not fail.

Various smart cooking tools have appeared, but it is unusual for burners, frying pans, and apps to support dishes in sets. Why do you not try challenging the taste and technique of the top chefs?

For such amateurs, Hestan Cue has developed an intelligent cooking system.

This is not an ordinary electric cooker that we buy in a home appliance shop. This model is equipped with intelligent solutions. It works with the mobile application and adjusts its settings to the food you are cooking, automatically adjusting the temperature and cooking time. In turn, a dedicated application is a video cookbook that will step by step guide us through each recipe.

The kit costs $ 549.95 and you get it from the manufacturer’s website.