The concept of self driving car is already known to almost all of us. It is a driverless or autonomous vehicle, which is able to sense its surrounding environment. It is also competent to move with no help of human being. The new design and mechanism, integrated with these cars has brought about an excitement in the mind of car enthusiasts. The good news for them is that Daimler, a parent organization of Mercedes-Benz had made a partnership with Robert Bosch, a well-known car accessories supplier. These two companies jointly want to manufacture self driving car. The name of this new design is robo-taxi.

Robert Bosch and Mercedes-Benz expect that the self driving car would perhaps be run on the highways on the early stage of the coming decades. At that time, the technology may be available commercially. The deal that is made by the prominent component maker and vehicle designer is only of six years. They have a dream of putting the self driving car on the street, mainly in four sites, which include Stuttgart and Silicon Valley. The competitors of these companies are BMW AG and Uber Technologies. The customers for these cars will be able to place an order through Smartphone.

Have a look at the market of competitors

The stiff competition that has been created for introducing autonomous vehicle has compelled car manufacturers to move towards an innovative approach. Rather than developing driver-backup processes to gain complete autonomy, many automobile makers have started their trials with new car models. They want to integrate software-based development that leads to a relationship with technological corporations.

Mercedes-Benz’s arch rival BMW collaborate with Intel and a reputable Israeli self driving car tech corporation, Mobileye. They have decided to make the available by the year 2021.

Planning of Daimler and its partner for developing autonomous cars

Bosch and Daimler had observed that most of their rivals are investing much to make smart vehicles in order to move through highways. Daimler is to learn about the fundamental modifications to make the best of autos, which are being operated with electrical motors. They are able to run in their own way. In fact, this company has been performing some trials with the technology of autonomous cars for several years.

Cost of research works and manufacture has an increase of fifteen percent. However, the expenses on this year will possibly touch €8.1. Daimler has realized the safety of self driving cars is an important factor because Uber once suspended self driving car test due to the collision case in the area of Arizona.  In the past year, a Mercedes car ensured that the drivers have opportunity to control, while the autonomous system is active.

Before making a decision to having an association with Robert Bosch, the giant company, Mercedes-Benz involved only two teams for engineering. There were almost five hundred people, who worked on the self-driving cars. However, Mercedes and Bosch had not said anything about the number of extra engineers, employed by them to their teams.