Google Driverless Cars Free to Public Test Drive in Phoenix

It is known to all that since the industrial revolution in Europe, the science and technology have developed to a great pace and invented so many products and items that could help the society to a great extent.

The massive growth in this sector has already registered some of the most astonishing developments and the transport sector is definitely one of the major issues in these inventions. Different nature of vehicles and transport modes have been developed over this 100 years or more and today we can see the exceptional changes in the private and public vehicles.

The extraordinary inputs, from fuel to spares, have made these cars and other vehicles; most efficient and user-friendly in nature, as well as, helps in saving operating costs. While driverless trains or aircraft is in the news for quite some time, but the Google Driverless Car is almost a new invention, which made this organization as the pioneer in this particular segment.  Although it is now not in commercial use, but this effort by google can open up the new horizon in the transportation sector.

Issue to be noted

The sister concern of the Google, Waymo has already created the free “early rider” program in their office in Phoenix in the state of Arizona, where almost 500 numbers of minivans, with the unique self-driving technology, which has the potential of handling ride requests.

According to company spokesman; the intended testers can avail this scope any time across the test zone at Phoenix, Arizona, which is twice the area of the SanFransisco city. It can be noted that this test drive is the first of its kind in the public trial drive of the driverless vehicle system, which is having the potential for the future development of this system for the commercial uses.

Waymo‘s chief executive, John Karafcik has written on a blog that they are doing some small scale test drives of their unique driverless riding service, which is now being confined to a small group of members from the Phoenix families for last few weeks.

Now the company is looking for more riders, with diverse transportation needs, along with the different background, for the test drives to get feedbacks about the project.  As per the chief executive, they are learning various things, such as; the usual and intended destination of people, with a self-driving car and how they use to communicate with the company’s car, along with, what kinds of information and useful controls are needed inside the car.


Already there are huge numbers of aspirants, who want to take part in the test drives of the Google Driverless Car compels the company to make some rule for the applicants, which are; the applicant should be over 18 years of age and a resident of the greater region of Phoenix metropolitan.

The most important part of this program is that this is not entirely an autonomous car because the Arizona government governing the use of autonomous vehicles, as per the law, which allows the test, only if there is a driver behind the steering wheel.