Simple smartphone photography hacks!

Shakespeare once said, “if music be the food of love, play on”, and in the 21st century if pictures be the soul of social media then click on! Needless to say that the man who had first conceived the idea of every phone with a camera was nothing but an absolute genius! Because now a phone without a camera is as inconceivable as a plant that cannot photosynthesize. And with every human being ever so keen to not only flaunt their photography skills over social media but also document memories, it sometimes becomes imperative to upgrade yourself regarding how to take amazing photos through your Smartphone and preserve them for posterity! And more often than not, they are completely DIY

  1. The third party Smartphone camera app: no matter how good your Smartphone camera claims to be, these third party camera applications do come in handy, where most o the time they have a host of filters and effects to let you decide what looks the best on you and sometimes it even lets you run wild. Not only do these perform the function of a camera but it also suspends the need for hours afterwards.
  2. HDR might be your best friend: when it comes to Smartphone photography and you are looking to amazing pictures and that too DIY, HDR is going to be your best friend. What is HDR? It is the high dynamic range, a very common feature across boards for Smartphone cameras these days. What does it do? It simply perks up any photo by making the light and dark part well harmonious and more in sync with one another. However the only downside is being of a higher resolution it takes some time to be processed.
  3. Natural light: there is no artificial or harsh halogen light in the world that can provide clarity to your pictures like natural light can. Because the natural light does not require you to use the flash that is inbuilt in your Smartphone, making the photo crisper and overall well balanced. During night time, when there is low light and you might want to take photos, no matter where or under which light you take so, it would always have a pronounced bit of graininess.
  4. Multiple shots or burst shots: most Smartphone have this cool DIY feature built in them which basically allows to take multiple photos of the same shot simultaneously so that you can go back to your saved work and perhaps decide what to keep and what to discard. It generally works when the shutter is pressed even a little longer than usual.
  5. Edit: nothing takes a simple Smartphone photograph up by several notches than the miraculous power of editing. There are plenty of editing apps available across Playstore and the iOS Appstore. Some are common to both. And these have a range of options from choosing to adjust the brightness or contrast to be able to apply really cool effects! It can easily enhance a photograph and provide you with what you thought was missing.