Public Data Explorer- Public Data/Forecasts

The Public Data Explorer of Google is said to deal with public data together with forecasts from a variety of international organizations together with academic institutions comprising of the World Bank, OECD Eurostat and the University of Denver which can be demonstrated as line graphs, cross sectional plots, bar graphs or on maps.

The invention had been launched on March 8, 2010 in Google Labs as an experimental visualization tool. Towards 2011, the Public Data Explorer had been made available for all to upload, visualize data sets and to share. Google had created a new data format to ease this, the Dataset Publishing Language – DSPL and once the data has been imported, a dataset is visualized rooted in external websites and can be shared with the others just like a Google Doc.

This toolset had been improved with the Google analytics Suite in 2016 especially Data Studio 360 wherein the release had been expanded to a free public beta in May 2016.  This enabled import of public as well as individual datasets overlaying user-friendly – non-coding, data visualization tools. The new tool enables the user to search data from various data providers through `Bubble-charts’, maps, bar or line charts which can be shared on the blog, web page or any other media.


Google had obtained Trendalyzer, three years ago, which is the technology behind Gapminder World from Gapminder.  Since then Motion Chart had been launched, a gadget enabling the user to make charts from your own data.  They have also launched a public data search function which tends to make it easier in locating public data in a normal Google search.

The new Public Data Explorer continues to be a Google labs-project meaning that it is still in progress.  It is anticipated that more data providers would make their data available with the help of this technology in order to enhance the use of data in the general discussion regarding the world. Google had launched its Public Data Explorer in April 2008, which was an amazing tool enabling users to visually search and investigate very huge data sets.

Thereafter it had curated 27 datasets comprising of over 300 data metrics. The Public Data Explorer presently permits people to think about everything from labour productivity – OECD, to gender balance in parliaments – UNECE, to government debt levels – IMF, to municipality population density – Statistics Catalonia, with extra data being added each week.

Public Data Explorer-Open Data Repository

Google presently is opening up the Public Data Explorer for those intending to upload share and visualize data sets.  Opening the Public Data Explorer is the same in several ways like what Factual has been doing for some years.  It is a self-described `open data repository’.

Similar to Wolfram Alpha, a computational knowledge engine, Factual tends to seek in developing order from chaos by enabling anyone to share and mash open data on any subject structuring information in tables like database. Google has also been inviting official providers in requesting them that their datasets to appear in the Google Public Data Directory wherein these providers could get in touch with Google in order to discuss the process.