Over the decades, there are lots of improvements are overcoming in the android operating system. Since, android operating system is globally owned by the search engine giant, the popularity of the android operating system is getting high. Right from 8 to 80, having an Android smartphone is becoming a passion for them. Moreover, android smartphones are considered as the top class gadgets in this world.In your day to day life, you would have experienced many issues and one of them is that getting unwanted calls from a number. You might have thought how to block those numbers from your mobile phone, in this post, I have shared the ways from which you can block unwanted calls in your device. There are two ways in which you can block those calls in your mobile phone and also you can be free of telemarketing calls in your mobile device. Basically, there are two ways, namely manual ways and also application oriented methods for blocking calls.
Manual method:
Manual method is the simplest way to block the unwanted calls in your mobile devices. Your devices have default blocking mechanism that enables you to block unwanted calls to your mobile devices. Manual methods differ from one mobile to another mobile, you can find a block list in call settings or in phone logs. By simply adding numbers, you can block unwanted calls in your android mobile.If you want to use application for blocking calls in your mobile, you can install the following applications on your mobile. This application blocks unwanted calls and only provides notification for you regarding the calls.Call Blocker:

Call Blocker is an android application that lets you to block unwanted mobile calls from telemarketers and also from other mobile users. As like most of the android applications, Call Blocker comes in two versions, namely free version and premium version. Free versions have no extra features rather than blocking the calls, in the meanwhile, the premium version has extra option that allows you to protect your call logs and contacts from other users. So your account cannot be accessed by anyone else without your permission. One more additional feature of this application is that, your contacts will be synced to your online account, this allows you to backup your contact on the online server.

Mr. Number:

Mr. Number is an another applications for Android devices and this is one of the best application that is available in the Google Play Store to block unwanted calls and SMS in your mobile devices. Not only blocking feature, Mr. Number is also leds you to track the calls and you can locate where the calls have been rising. While compared to other applications in the Google Play Store, Mr. Number is comparatively better in usage and also at the same time it allows you to trace the callers.

Hope you will block those callers who makes you to feel annoying. Stay tuned with our blog for more updates.