htmlWebsites are great source of information to us. Websites may contain one single webpage or multiple webpages that contain some sort of information related to different domains of the world. Whenever we search for some information in the Google the search engine displays the best result and these best results are the web pages of the websites that are present on World Wide Web. So if you have bunch of knowledge regarding any field like technology or travel etc. then you can share this knowledge with the whole world and for this you need a website where you will put the information. So in this post you will learn how to develop a basic website and what all skills are required to develop a basic website.Developing a website is quite easy if you have a sound knowledge about some web languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, Java script etc. But for a beginner it is very difficult to know that which languages should be learned first so that they get some basic idea of web development and so on.

So for developing your first basic website you need to learn HTML that is Hypertext Markup Language. This will allow you to create simple basic website with some features of styling the fonts, headings with the help of different tags in it. You can learn HTML online also from W3schools website.

Now after you have the good knowledge about HTML you can move to the second basic level language CSS that is Cascading Style Sheets. CSS allows you to give your website a nice user interface. It is basically used to describe the look and also helps to format the text and documents in such a way that would not have been possible using the simple html language. If you have a fine command over the CSS then you can give your website a great user friendly interface. The CSS file is created separately and is linked to the html file. So this is the second basic but very important web developing language that you must know.

The main features of CSS are as follows:

  • Provides appearance of document contents in proper manner,
  • Opacity of backgrounds can be managed,
  • Advance CSS also helps you to give 3D animations to website called hovering effect,
  • Helps to modify user interface,
  • Supported by all web browsers.

So once you have learned HTML and CSS you are ready to develop a good website with a good unique interface. The best interface attracts user to the website so try to have less content on the home page of your website.

Now another most important language used in developing website is PHP that is Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is basically the server scripting language which is used by web designers to develop active or dynamic websites and also it allows the development of database driven websites. So PHP is really strong language. Facebook is mostly coded with PHP. PHP basically allows you to give some logical power to the website. Using php developer can create login and logout options with easy codes. PHP saves lots of memory and long piece of code gets replaced with few lines of PHP if you have good command over this language.

Some advance features of PHP are:

  • Serialization,
  • High security,
  • Compressing strings,
  • Memory usage information,
  • Glob() function to search files,
  • Register shutdown function,
  • Magic constants,
  • Unique ID’s can be generated and much more amazing features.

So for a beginner these three web languages are enough to create the best websites. But on the other hand there are still many to learn. Developing the website needs lot of practice because you will only learn if you will practice. So one can also exercise his coding skills using the YouTube videos and some online websites. So all the best for your website and in the later posts we will also discuss about some more ways that can help your website look much more professional and we will also discuss how to generate income from that website, so stay connected.