social mediaThe number of users in social media websites have increased exponentially over the last few years. Initially these websites were created to share media with different people across the globe and get their valuable feedback.But as the numbers are increasing the disadvantages have become quite clear to everybody.Earlier in those days, kids were busy playing but the trend has changed. Even an 8 year old has an account in Facebook. It was found that a 9-year-old girl has a ‘Married’ relationship status in Facebook. Seriously, do they even know what marriage is all about? Forget kids, there are so many instances where people are found with wrong information on these websites.

A recent case study

According to a recent survey by researchers of Aalto University, it has been seen that many users of social media are providing false information to appear real. The social media websites have a high degree of privacy control so the sharing of contents completely depends on the user. Though it is clearly mentioned in the social media norms that faking is an offense there are very few who actually follow it.

The researchers found that being real and maintaining a genuine profile is an important criterion in social media websites.Nowadays people are going for a lot of fine-tuning while uploading their pictures so that people do not have a misconception about their personality.

The quest for perfection

There was a time when kings had slaves. However, the slave wanted to be free, but the king never allowed his freedom. Here the case is just the opposite. Here everyone wants you to be free but you want to involve everyone. Every single viewpoint matters. For instance if an unknown girl sees your display picture in a social media website and comments on that ‘you are not looking good’, then you spend an entire day in a men’s parlour getting your hair done, borrow a DSLR camera from your friend and a photographer friend clicks an amazing picture, which is edited by another guy and this thing goes on. At the end of the day, you look similar to a model in that. You are appreciated by so many fellow users, and you are on cloud nine.

The thing is everyone is trying to look beautiful and become perfect on social networking sites. What others think has become an integral part of one’s life. They want to portray themselves in a different way to get noticed by others. In another case, it was seen that people are intentionally sharing contents designed to depict themselves in a false way.

Trying to look or appear different has become a common practice these days. The reason can be lack of self-confidence or may be a psychological disorder no one knows. This is a matter of serious concern, which should be dealt with immediately.