People who downloading content illegally without paying the content developers and distributers are going through a rough patch and a website is going to make it much controversial. In past couple of months a number of content developers and distributers had worked in close association with the authorities to remove the major torrenting websites. But torrent users and hosts are great at coming up with new ways of bringing back online which is not helping the content developers at all. Now this particular website called offers a great way of finding out what your friends are downloading. This website sends a false link to the users and once it has been clicked then it will track everything downloaded in next 24 hours.

How this website works?

It works simply by generating a false link for the users which can be sent to anyone. This link can be anything but site asks users to select Facebook or a new article as it is widely used and happens to be easily clicked link than others. Once the target person licks on the sent then the website will start effectively tracking the users’ torrenting sessions for next 24 hours. This will work only with those who actively uses torrents for downloading content as torrenting are extremely popular across the globe. Some of the smart users makes use of VPN which ensures that their torrenting behavior isn’t spied upon by anyone.

Privacy concerns associated with this site’s modus operandi

Most of the people using torrent on regular basis are aware that not hiding the IP address ensures that all their downloads can be monitored and can be made public by anyone. This website is offering a dangerous tool in everyone’s hand to spy over other’s torrenting habits which were not available before on the mass level. This certainly rings privacy concerns but this website owner has stressed on the good side of spying which can help in catching the pedophiles and other anti social activities purported via torrenting.

Andrey Rogov, marketing director at Iknowwhatyoudownload website has stated that this website has been put online especially for promotional purpose and it aims at showcasing the capabilities of them. This website is exclusively engaged in the bringing the information related to the torrent downloading activities performed in global scale to the advertisers, video owners, distributors, right holders, law enforcement authorities and reputed international organizations.

The best thing about this website is that it can even help the right holders to find the people who had released their content on the internet without due permission. It will be beneficial not just for the movie, music, book and video makers but it can also help in nabbing people indulging in creating and circulating nefarious content such as revenge sex and child sex videos.

This website is stressing upon the noble thought and features which it brings for the wider audience but one should not indulge in sending a link to any friend or make use of its tool in near future.