IBM has some serious plans to enhance its cloud business unit and it has made the first move to acquire the object based storage vendor named Cleversafe. IBM will get the Chicago based adapt storage Cleversafe is an advantageous takeover bid and it will acquire its 350 patents along with 210 employees. This move is expected to offer IBM greater flexibility as well as simplified management option for its hybrid cloud services and businesses.

What is Cleversafe?

Cleversafe was founded in 2004 it offers a wide range of services related data which includes large scale content repository, archive, management, storage, backup and collaboration of highest level. IDC has earlier estimated that more than 805 of the new cloud applications will be highly big data intensive in upcoming future. Even the aim of IBM towards acquiring this data storage firm is to provide an elegant platform for the companies to tackle their ever growing volume of data which includes images, audio and videos.

Cleversafe already possesses an efficient setup, which allows it to offer efficient storage options for the massive amounts of data and it can also meet the data-intensive workloads coming from the cloud sector.

IBM will take advantage of Cleversafe services

Cleversafe has a number of Dispersed Storage Network products which offers elegant solutions for creating large scale active archives and data content stores. IBM on the other hand has already a software defined Spectrum Storage portfolio, which works on the same line, and the integration of both the products will allow an opportunity to enhance its other cloud-based services. The cloud-based services which will benefit from this integration includes Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and SoftLayer & SoftLayer Object Storage services platform.

IBM clients will be able to utilize the Cleversafe technology to create new application by using IBM’s SoftLayer cloud services AND Bluesmix, which acts like Platform as a Service (PaaS). However, it has not released any terms of deal in the public or media as of now.

Companies to benefit from this acquisition

Companies in the entertainment, media and healthcare field has to deal with a massive volume of unstructured as well as semi-unstructured data. The merger and integration of the services portfolio between Cleversafe and IBM will help IBM in targeting these companies with its enhanced services. It should be noted that Cleversafe already possesses a robust presence in the data storage solution sector. The acquisition and merger of services will help IBM in improving the potential of its SoftLayer of its cloud-based services to the customers.

Both the companies will be able to benefit each other in a mutually productive manner. Few critics might question about the quality of service, which Cleversafe has been providing to its customers before the merger. Most the time with merger or acquisition the quality of the services simply takes a toll and end users have to suffer with consequences. However, IBM has a established solid track record of impressive service and this acquisition will certainly improve to better end.