The enormous development in the science and technology segment have paved the way for some of the most amazing inventions and opened up various opportunities, which are considered as the progressive factors of the growth of civilization. These kinds of inventions and developments can be seen in almost all sectors, such as; education, health, industry, economy and especially in the health sector, which is a major boost up in the healthcare of the human race. While the research and development of the health issues have already seen some of the massive breakthroughs, those are helpful in treating some of the tough ailments, which were earlier considered as untreatable. Some of the major inventions are being made in the surgery section and artificial limbs are now a very common issue in the healthcare sector. In the earlier stage, the damaged limbs were substituted by another limb, either donated by the donor or taken from the person, who has succumbed to brain death, but these days, the artificial limbs are the results of the most advanced stage of scientific innovations in the medical world. The Knitted Muscles is one such artificial component, which has the potential and all relevant features of muscles that could help the person, who needs this for any assistance.

Important Features

The Knitted Muscles is the outcome of a rigorous and in-depth research and having the capacity of providing the most natural support and strength for the users. Knitted Muscles have revolutionized the medical treatment.

Knitted Muscles_1

Some of the important issues and features of this Knitted muscles are as follows:

  • The actuation of the real muscle fibers is a great concern for the medical researchers and they have come out with the coat of normal fabric, with the electroactive material, which is an important part of these artificial Knitted Muscles. This unique technology opens up new scopes in designing of the textile muscles, which could be incorporated in normal clothing and that way can be helpful for the movement of the person, having some sorts of disabilities.
  • This important study is being carried out by two of the most famous institutions; the University of Boras and the Linkoping University in Sweden and the paper was published in the prestigious Science Advances magazine.
  • In the developments of the prostheses and in the technology of robot, the major role is being played by the devices, “exoskeletons”, which is acting as the skeleton or base and the muscle is developed as the reinforcement for the mobility of the person concerned. It can be noted that some huge developments in the prostheses have already been made that help the person, with disabilities, to get some sorts of movements.
  • But in most of the cases, the robotic suit is an issue that haunts the research world to a great extent and here the Knitted Muscles are playing the most crucial role to make it more comfortable for the user, which can be compared with normal clothing or even with the running suits or tights and can beworn under the natural attire.