Behold the Apple computer, iPad, and iPhone. Undoubtedly the pinnacle of personal technology, right? That’s a pseudo-philosophical debate which will rage among technophiles for probably forever, but one thing is certain, Apple reigns supreme in the eyes of the typical consumer. To the average person on Earth, the ideal computer, tablet, or smartphone is one with a bitten apple logo on it.

Yet this has led to the ill-conceived notion that Macs are impervious to the inevitable deterioration of most computers, and that Apple software is immune to viruses. This is simply not true.

For example, Tech Lasers reported back in March about the increasing risks of ransomware affecting Apple products. In these situations, data is held hostage by an unidentified third party demanding payment in exchange for the returned files. From the parents with decades of family photos on their Mac hard drive to companies with precious records and projects saved, this situation can prove to be an absolute disaster. Authorities are often incapable of intervening, as the attacks are typically launched from abroad.

Absent backups, ransomed data is hard to get back without giving in and paying the criminals. However, malicious activity isn’t the only thing posing threats to Macbooks these days. The company synonymous with personal computer perfection is not the flawless beast it once was while the late Steve Jobs was still running things. Mac users are more and more likely to need help with getting data back.

Fortunately, the best companies in the world in the field of data recovery tend to operate internationally, allowing for virtually any Mac user to have a place to go in the event of a problem not covered by warranty. For instance, the top flight hard drive recovery Montreal residents have access to is identical to the service available in cities across the rest of North America and parts of Europe. Men and women used to the consistent service of Apple will feel at home when seeking data recovery assistance after warranty.

Furthermore, third party data recovery experts do not compromise the Apple warranty. At least, the reputable ones abiding by ordinary procedures will not. They know how to find out the problem without causing more grief, let’s put it that way.

What will compromise the warranty is amateur and otherwise inexperienced attempts to salvage data from an Apple computer’s hard drive. In essence, Apple respects the professionalism of an established recovery team outside themselves, but discourages any attempt by the user to follow an online “do it yourself” guide.

Apple users not giving any thought to the need for data recovery are unfortunately fooling themselves. Superior machines they are, Apple computers, tablets, and smartphones are not invincible pieces of machinery. Sometimes the factory did something wrong, other times things just wear down, and then in most circumstances, old fashioned human error at home can lead to compromised data. In short, it’s important for Mac users to be just as concerned and prepared for the need for professional data recovery. It can happen to anyone.