Microsoft is set to start the roll out of the Windows 10 Creators Update to the users globally from April 11. The launch of the rollout start date was confirmed by the Microsoft officials though a blog post on March 29. The Anniversary Update started rolling out in August last year while Microsoft has to delay the launch of the Creators Update by several months. This update will be known as 1703 though it was due to hit the systems globally in early but dues to this reason it is coming so late.

The game of changing ‘name’

Windows 10 Updates are extremely confusing for the common users to follow around but one thing has been consistent so far which is the naming of the updates. Now, Microsoft has revealed that the expected roll out for the masses in beginning of the April is simply named as ‘15063’. This shows that this build number will not be named RTM which is short for ‘release to mainstream’).

Features of the Creators Update

Microsoft has been indulging the performing huge testing on the Creators which effectively is the successor of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update for quite some time.

Creators Update brings a number of consumer focused features to bring a marvellous computing experience to the consumers. This includes a new Game Mode, Windows Mixed Reality support, Beam game streaming along with a new robust eBook & tab management capabilities for the Edge browser.

The iconic Paint application will also undergo a major change a new variant in form 3D paint will debut on the Windows. Microsoft is not doing away with the 2D Paint application as both of them will work in unison on the operating system.

Update on the final roll out of the Creators Update

Microsoft yet again failed to abide by its promise and it has been confirmed that the new roll out date for the Creators Update will be set at April 25. Microsoft officials have given no update regarding the launch of the Creator Update on the Cloud version.

It should be noted that the Cloud version of the update is designed specifically to run the Windows Store apps and in later stage it will become upgradable to the Windows 10 Pro version.

Broader availability of the Surface device

Major information is given by the Microsoft where it has stated that the availability of the Surface range of devices will be boosted on global scale. Last October Microsoft has launched three major variant of the Surface Boko which includes the Surface Book with Performance base, Surface Studio and Surface Dial.

Microsoft will be making Surface Book with Performance available in countries namely Austria, Hon Kong, Japan, Denmark, China, Finland, Norway, France and Netherlands as well as UK, Switzerland and Sweden on April 20.

Surface Studio as well as Surface Dial will be available for purchase only in Australia, New Zealand and Canada from 20. All these devices are open for pre-order in these selected countries.