Minecraft 1Mojang have now collaborated with TellTale games to create a completely new brand of Minecraft game that is completely driven by story. “Minecraft: Story Mode is the series which will be dubbed and set in the Minecraft world. Even though the game is, new it will still feature an original story, which will combine the familiar themes with the new characters, and the game will be driven by the player’s choice. This game can easily be considered as completely separate standalone product. According to Owen Hill, Mojang spokesperson, the company is not expecting to create any official story for steve or even try to give explanation about the Minecraft world in detail.The game will be released episodically and expected to debut In 2015 for PlayStation consoles, Xbox, iOS and Android-based devices and Windows and OS X PCs. TellTale games is the official maker of the games like Game of Thrones and Tales from the Borderlands and The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead: Season Two.

Minecraft 2Community driven project

According to Lewis Ward, IDC’s research director for gaming, the idea about making a game completely community driven is simply brilliant. He also added that, it would be interesting to see how the game developers will be incorporating the reviews and feedback from the community and add that into the Minecraft: Story Mode. One way or another, it holds the essence of Minecraft, which is all about user-generated world. He also suggested that it is highly likely that there are gamers who might have come up with theories about creating the Minecraft universe on their official fan blog. The company is confident about lots of inputs from the gaming world. He also added that there might be many ideas, which might be rejected before the company settles down with something that excites them.

High Risk Factor

According to Christine Arrington, a senior analyst for games with HIS, since its debut in 2009, it is time that Minecraft also shows some kind of evolution. Story mode can be considered as a natural step from the company’s end towards evolution. She added that the involvement of TellTale has been quite surprising, as the company has already established themselves for giving user input lot of importance and always working on extending their features and properties. Although Minecraft is a property-based game, the contribution of TellTale towards the story mode will not only be challenging but also about high expectations.

Be it any game, challenges are part of development. Both the companies in the deal are from different genre and starting a game (which never had a story) from the scratch can be a daunting task. Both the companies and their work are far from each other on a spectrum. The company will have to ensure appropriate use of the properties and ensuring that Minecraft doesn’t uses up the other resources. Minecraft has their own fan base as so is with TellTale, hence the new game can certainly expect feedback from both the worlds.