Now-a-days everything has become online. Works have become easier with the online approach. So how can education be far away from this technology or stay unaffected with the social networking? People find it difficult finding appropriate books as per their need and take it along with them all the way. So they prefer to read online or download some files as per their needs. But searching for the proper guide is very tedious work as one has to survey many sites as per their requirement. For this reason, Google has decided to step down in the education market too. This will be an exciting period for Android users as they can now use it in the more efficient manner in terms of education, as today education has become a stir case for a successful carrier of each individual. So when you can get so much out of your Android, why not keep the track of best education apps available for your?Here are some of the best apps that can help you gain knowledge whenever you wish like while you are on the move or at home.

ibmIBM Think:

This is an evolutionary app that details about the evolution of technology. It is an iPad and Android app. This was remained in the app form after the Think Pop-up exhibit held at New York in 2011.

One can even term it has an historical app as it gives all the details about the evolution of the technical tools from the early periods- how these tools have evolved from time to time into the modern technological tools that we see today marking the importance of scientific innovation.


This is an iOS app and an offline translation dictionary app. Interface of this app is of bookshelf type with the availability different language dictionaries. This app allows you to download a particular dictionary to your device and can be used both as online and offline. Besides, typing the query and searching for the results, you can even search the entire dictionary word by word. Therefore the interface of this app is fast and easy to access.


It is a Wikipedia app that helps you discover variety of articles that you might have not expected to read or even thought of it through connections between articles.

Wikipedia app helps you explore any article in a better and beautifully typeset. It is the dump yard of all the contents from the sources around the world.

atlasAtlas by Collins

This is for the Earth lovers that we usually call as home. It immersive interface helps to explore the Earth with beauty. It comes with the collection of impressive 3D globes, visualized data about the planet that gives the feeling of live exploration of the planet.

But many avoid downloading it due to its massive storage capacity of 620MB particularly those who lacks with space in their iOS device.

daily artDailyArt

This iOS app helps you to awaken and nurture your inner art by giving you a daily dose of classic arts or paintings each day.

Each day you receive a notification along with an art piece that gives you information about the artist and painting and helps you motivate and bring out the inner culture vulture in you.