Nintendo is working on new NX console but the details have been under tight wraps. Nintendo has earlier stated that it will be moving away from the Wii U in order to offer much engaging and aggressive gameplay experience to the users. However a new patent filling has shed some light on the new gaming console being made by the Japanese gaming giant and this new console seems to be distinctly different from the earlier models.

New distinct model revealed in patent

Traditional gaming consoles designed by the Nintendo features front facing buttons which allowed control over the game. Nintendo new gamepad in patent shows featuring a touch screen which can either be a LCD or OLED and possess a fully customized shape. Patent also showed this gamepad having two holes in which analog sticks will be placed. Even the conventional shoulder and trigger buttons will be seen finding it way right at the top of the device. There is also a card slot in-between these two which allows the device to take game data directly. A built-in speaker will enthrall the users will amazing sound retention.Nintendo_1

More features revealed in the patent

As per the patents it is believed that this gamepad will appear to function as a large 3DS style machine. In short this gamepad will feature a whole case in the screen. It is also being speculated that this will allow Nitendo machine developer to develop games for the mobile and living room use at the same time. This rumor has been rife in the past where it was believed that Nintendo will work towards developing such games which works both on the gaming consoles and mobiles and it will do away with the need of developing separate games.

This gamepad is not just designed for the gaming as per the patents there are various potential uses of controller. On such is gamepad analog controls can be used to be held horizontally which reveals a browser screen along with a space to enter text.Nintendo_2

Patent does confirm a shift away from the Wii U

It should be noted that patents don’t always indicate that the product will be made in similar way. So it won’t be right to assume that new controller will be linked to NX but patent does confirm a shift away from Wii U. An interesting thing to note here is that the display specification showed in patents indicates to be one of the Sharp’s free form displays. Even Japan Times has reported earlier that Nintendo will be using such displays in future.

Sharp’s LCD panels are highly customizable and can be cut into variety of shapes which even include the curved panel set to be used in this patented controller. A report in The Wall Street Journal stated that the NX would be a mobile console hybrid by the Nintendo. It completely matches with the patent’s smartphone design and in upcoming days Nintendo users will be able to get the best of both worlds in gaming.