facebookIn the year 2010, even though Mark Zuckerberg said that privacy was not a social norm any more, might have to take a step ahead as the gear is shifting towards the other side. The new digital generations who are spending most of their lives being online are now looking for various tools for privacy and want to protect their personal information.Young generation is now more towards apps which ensure that there is no digital footprint left after they are out of the app. For example Snapchat and Cyber Dust which are famous for being disappearing message apps.

One can create their own edited world through video apps like Instagram and Vine, without uploading their personal information. After initial resistance, Facebook now has made some necessary changes in their apps. People are post their status only for specific viewers like friends. They can untag themselves from post and change any public post to friends.

People are now starting to reconsider the fact that they were initially not happy with the cloud services. There was reflectance from their end, said Justin, director of the Consumer Privacy Project at the Center for Democracy & Technology.

According to Justin, people are now prepared that there no privacy anywhere and we should get used to this fact, whereas there are younger generation which are searching for various methods to ensure they are communicating in a private way.

Even though the tool available in the market claiming to provide privacy might not be trustworthy but certainly they are able to get the attention of the people through apps restrictions. Due to regulatory pressure in Europe and United States of America, companies are now more careful with personal information of the people. Companies are being pressurized to be clearer about what they do with your personal information.

There are so many things that we need protection from especially from hackers to steal our information, as it happened in case of some Hollywood celebrities last week. One should ensure that they are using a strong password and multi factor authentication, which certainly adds steps before logging into the account. In comparison to the conversation recording that can be done by anyone wearing Google glass, loss of personal information online is self inflicted.

Based on the changes made to the 4th amendment of the constitution based on the United States Supreme Court ruling, people are supposed to be secure against irrational search and seizure. This ruling created the sense of privacy but this might not apply to the situations where a person has the knowingly exposed information to another party. This might sound difficult but it doesn’t specify any specific type of data that can be shared.

Today your phone is able to track your location and keep a track of your movement. Even though the SC passed the ruling that a warrant will be required for acquiring such information, federal government argued that they don’t need warrant as this information will be taken from cellular company, as this information is not considered private.

Your search history paints a picture about you and your interest. Google also stated that users should not be expecting privacy and confidentiality in the emails they send. Being anonymous is different but everyone does have the right to a certain level of privacy.