Russian Hackers are always on the headlines. Just a few days ago, during the presidential election in US, there was a buzz that Russian hackers, hacked the entire system and manipulated the election results in a such skillful manner that Donald Trump was hailed as the captain of the US ship; such an appalling result shocked every individual in and outside US, but the results were declared and nothing was proved against the Russian Hackers. They are again up for attacking the French presidential election by targeting Emmanuel Macron. The security has reported this and they have indicated that the hackers are none other than the ones who attacked the US presidential election.

Forged emails, malware and untraceable net domains are being used as techniques of attack. This news is confirmed by FeikeHacquebord, from the security company called Trend Micro. Though, Russia has denied such obligations, but security systems are alarmed after what happened in US and are keeping a strict watch on every move of the Russians.

Mr. Hacquebord has said in a report that such an offence of hacking is done by none other than the widely known groups called Fancy Bear, APT28 and Pawn Storm. He even said that these Russian Hackers are using a rigorous fusion of high technology called con tricks to get access of the login names, passwords and other details which is required for aiding the staffs of Mr. Macron who bid to be the upcoming French president. He has also confirmed that Mr. Macron is said to have succeeded to leap up through the very first round of the presidential election like Marine Le Pen.

The hackers are also reported of attacking a system of known as OAuth, that enables the people to log into a single service with respect to the credentials they utilize for other. Mr. Hacquebord confirmed to telltale techniques regarding the hackers who abused the French presidential election are the same who were responsible for attacking US presidential election.

One of the speakers from the French National cyber-security agency, called ANSSI, confirmed that they have noticed several attacks on Mr. Macrons’s bank and office system including his staffs. A spokesperson however confirmed that it was difficult for them to confirm that the attacks were attempted by Pawn Storm group. The spokesperson also confirmed that there were several attempts taken by the Russian Hackers to get hold of all the data, but the security system was so alert that they could not sneak any beneficial from the system.

These attempts by the Russian Hackers are referred to as cyber-attack tactics and strong measures are taken by the officials by training all the staffs to be alert and report immediately if any disturbance is located and one of the expert on operational security known as The Grugqsaid, it was easier for the hackers to track Mr. Macron’s campaign because it relied on the Telegram App for messaging.