Smart way to make use of the Notification Dots in Android Oreo

The latest version of Android tentatively titled Oreo finally makes its debut on the Google’s Pixel and Nexus devices. As always Google has brought a whole new range of features and tweaks with the Android Oreo which will enhance the smartphone experience for millions of users globally. A number of things have changed drastically from the Nougat since the update has performed on these devices and this showcases the grand feature implemented by the Google with Oreo. One such cool feature is that apps now come adored with the notifications dots. Here are some of the smart ways to make use of the notification dots in Android Oreo if you have trouble figuring out on your own.

Smart way to customize or simply turn off the notification dots

In Android Oreo you can get rid of notifications for all the apps or you can turn them one by by one for each app. In simple words Oreo brings greater control over the fine attributes of the notification which was not present in the earlier version of the Android. This customizability brings more freedom for the user as every app isn’t necessary but some of it can’t be missed at all. Therefore Oreo offers customizability which can be painfully frustrating process for those who have innumerable amount of apps on their smartphone.

Get rid of notification dots altogether

If you wish to get rid of the notification dots altogether then go to the ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Apps and Notification’ then ‘Notifications’ and finally toggle off the ‘Allow notification dots’.

Customize your notification dots preference in Oreo

If you are looking forward to turn off dot notification for any specific app then go to the ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Apps and Notification’ then ‘App info’, now click on the desired app followed by ‘App Notification’ and finally toggle off the option ‘Allow notification dot’.

Android Oreo brings a breath of freshness

With Android Oreo the unattended notifications will appear in the form of a small dot right on the app icon present no matter whether they are present on the home-screen or simply in the app tray. Users can deal with the notification by simply giving a tap on the app icon. Or they can long press the icon which will help in revealing a menu of options to do more. For an example if you had set dot notifications for the Twitter app then simply long pressing on the app icon after receiving multiple notifications will give you a list of options. These options might be ‘Search’ or to ‘Start a New Tweet.

Google has even gone step ahead with the way dot notification works in Android Oreo. With iPhone 3D touch users are required to keep their fingers pressed down in order to swipe and select. But when it comes to Oreo users are simply required long press once on the app icon and the menu will pop up whereby users can tap on any one option to do as they please.