fb1Facebook’s new keyword post search has taken the entire world by storm and shook many users as well. Yes, you have heard it right, now anyone will be able to search the post posted either by your friend or by you by just entering the keyword in the quick search option even on mobile. At the moment, people are finding this new feature quite exciting but they are not sure about what the future hold up for them. Literally, the company changes from being data rich to being Scrooge-McDuck-swimming-in-a-tower-full-of data rich. The ramifications for developers, advertising, and Facebook itself are hard to understand.
How it will work?

Now the users will be able to remember their friends, who put their entire lives regularly on Facebook. Some might find certain moments of their life as a faded snapshot and also consider it nowhere close to the real world, but how much effort do we put to remember our precious moments. Now you can search yourself and also type almost any word which might bring out some of the moments of your life which might not have been worth saving originally.

If we see this in a simple manner, it is not easy for our mind to remember each and every thing, but these posts can at-least trigger or hint about some long-gone moments which we might have already replaced it. People should not get confused with these posts with their timeline. We dive deep into our lives since 2011 but when it comes to certain users, they like to go deeper in the narratives. Post search will be able to weaves the lives of people with different backgrounds based on the words which best describes them. If you are looking for answers to some simple questions like what is fun, what it means to be worried or what is happiness, now through this post search getting answers to this question will become very easy.

fb 2The other fact that we can say now is that Facebook had many data about their users but could not understand the overall concept. This is just like a child who memorizes everything without understanding the meaning behind it. This product of Facebook is all about guessing as to what we want or who we are. To the website, it was all about what people said about us or what friends communicated with us, but now it is all about what we said and this means a lot.

Facebook might even filter out some of the content, which could create conflicts. It will show the friends you have suggested, the events you suggested and the even the pages you like. Facebook is currently working on developing personalization tools as well. With this the company has even more reasons to pour money into their artificial intelligence initiative. AI is one of the main goals of the company and this has been very much backed by Mark Zuckerberg also.

Facebook has spent nearly 8 years on collecting all the user data. They started with Newsfeed and then moved onto Timeline and now they are coming up with a search option. It’s only a matter of time to see what can be expected more out of the company