SmartphoneWith so many companies developing and marketing their smartphones with latest features and affordable prices, it is the right time for quick investment in these as well. With the holiday season is full swing, it is good to look for upgrading to a new pho model but consider the following before making the final decision or even hitting the store.

  1. If you are first time buyer, do you really need smartphone?

If you are used to basic model phone but looking at other having high end phones with a basket of apps, Facebook, emails, high quality camera and media player, then you need to remember that you will not only pay more for the new phone, but there will be additional charges for internet, calls, texting, etc.

  1. Which operating system should you pick?

Before making the final call, it is important to remember that it is not easy to switch from one operating system to another. Apple iOS offers a whole range of phone with the latest one hitting the market Apple 6 plus. Apple pay is another feature, which has been added to this model. Manufacturers like Samsung, Motorola, LG, Sony, and ZTE have been rolling out models based on the Android system. Smartphone 2


Compared to iOS, Android is known to be more adaptable as the makers customize the system as per their liking and app developers have freedom to express themselves about their phones. There are times some of the Android apps might not work on different phones running on the same operating system. Setting and features also vary from model to model. Apple is the only company, which develops models based on iOS, hence it ensures quality as they are the decision makers but leaves very less choice for the users. Android has difficulty collaborating due to hardware and software issue but in case of Apple; their phones can easily work along with ipads and Mac computers.

  1. How to pay for the phone?

Initially one had to pay probably around $200 for a phone and the company will charge around $450 with higher service charges over the two years installment contract for the phone payment. However, not the companies have come up with options wherein the customer can get their old phone to exchange it with new, while still in the contract. You can buy phone from retailer or over the internet or even Amazon and ebay. If can sign up for a larger data plan with company and end up getting discounts as well.Smartphone 1

4.How much to pay for it?

Before you jump to buy the Apple 6 or Samsung Galaxy without even considering the amount of money that will go out of your pocket, it is important to think, if all that is necessary. Today the same features are also available on phones costing around $200 dollars or may be less as well. Therefore, you might have to compromise of certain features but it will still save you around $400 dollars.

At the end, each one has their own reason for picking new phones due to their internet dependency and requirements of data storage space.