Snapchat 3The Snappening is now the new word which came about as an unpleasant surprise to some of the Snapchat users. The Snapping has come into existence ever after the recent nude celebrity leak which happened. Rumors said that Snapchat pics have been circulated and that hackers gained access to stolen Snapchat photos that plan to match the sexually explicit ones up with usernames and release them.

The Snappening is nothing but a dub used in a leak where in a cache of almost 13GB of private or personal Snapchats is at the moment circulating through 4Chan. While all members were under the assumption that the visuality or access to the snaps would be Snapchat HQ and the Third Party application, but due to lack of security made and a data breach the users had o face the brunt due to the snaps circulating through the open web. Though Snapchat has acknowledged the leak but have come back commenting that this has happened due to members using a third-party sites and apps which eventually piggyback on these services, however they deny that their servers were hacked at all. All that Snapchat done was to play the blame game by pushing the blame on the victims.

Snapchat 1In spite of the fact that Snapchat has had problems with the security in the past, but it has entered through an application to catalog snaps which would be eventually deleted. This eventually sparked up a blame game with Business Insider pointing to a now-defunct web service which is hosted at but many of the leaked snaps to a surprise traces back to a site known as Snapchat Leaked which apparently suggests that this breach or circulation of photos has been happening for many past months. Snapchat informed that they cannot confirm that the snaps posted were stolen from a third-party Snapchat client as they don’t even have a clue as to which third-party site was hacked.

Snapchat 2One of the Snapchat representative commented that they can confirm that they are not to be blamed as their servers have not been breached and added they timely check the App Store as well as Google Play to ensure any third-party apps do not cause any issues and they have also succeeded in removing most of these. The representative added to say that Snapchat users were actually victimized due to the use of their third-party applications to exchange snaps which apparently they have prohibited in their terms and conditions due to these sort of security breaches. He mentioned that they want to reiterate that social networks like Snapchat often grab the attention of outside developers or third-parties to build tools on their platform which in turn becomes a tool for the attackers by inviting targets to go after the user’s data. Snapchat has remarked that today they discovered that these kind of attackers or results can often make privacy violations for users data vulnerable even though the hosting or company servers have never been directly attacked with any such hackers.