What’s in a name? As long as you get something free!

Olexander Turin was just another name until a few days back his name made news now his name is iPhone 7. A few days back it was just an ordinary name and upon Googling his name you would have found a few ordinary social media accounts. However, today this Ukrainian teen has become a Google celebrity. Today, if you decide to Google his name you will come across millions of results, accessory sites, landing pages, and much more.

Ukrainian boy changed his name

Apple has earned millions and trillions of fans around the world, and the brand has pioneered the art of ‘making technology simpler’. In spite of the ‘high price factor’, more and more people are opting for their technology. Turin is one such Apple fanatic who proved his loyalty towards this brand by changing his name to iPhone Sim, Sim meaning Seven.

This Ukrainian lad entered a contest at a neighboring electronic store, and changed his name from Olexander Turin to iPhone Sim. It requires about $2 to legally change the name in the country and by doing this he managed to avoid paying the hefty price of $850 USD. The store has given free iPhone 7 to the first five people who showed their loyalty to the brand and changed their names. Turin aka Sim was one of the first fives who managed to do so and earned an iPhone 7 device by paying a mere $2.

iPhone 7_1

Sim made his name evergreen

The Apple fandom has taken a whole new level, and after the announcement several Ukrainians changed their names. Although several showed their efforts only the top five lucky contestants were able to receive their rewards, Sim being one of them. Sim was in fact the first contestant who showed his dedication to winning the free device and managed to change his name.

In Ukrainian Sim means seven, whereas in English Sim could be read as SIM, the short form of Subscriber Identity Module. SIM means the removable card containing cellular data iPhone 7 attached to Sim has actually made his name evergreen for several fanatics consider that the future iPhone 7 mobiles might have a SIM.

It has also been pointed out that this event took place in a good time for if he would have changed his name for iPhone6 it would become iPhone Shist. In Ukrainian Shist means six and the name iPhone Shist would not have been appreciated much in English. In an interview Sim told that he has every intention of keeping the name for now. However, he also considers the possibility of changing it back to the original name after having kids.

The news has taken the world by storm and several other fans from across the world ready to change their name are waiting for an opportunity such as this. Sim not only changed his name and won a free Apple iPhone 7  but also showed the world that given an opportunity everyone must try their luck. Sim’s sister Tetyana told in an interview that at first it was difficult to accept the fact. However, she also told that it is a wonderful way expressing oneself.