If your habitat is Minneapolis, Minnesota then you are quite lucky. Two years ago there was Google fibre but now the internet in US has launched the new high speed 10GBPS internet service. It is now for the group who are budget minded as the monthly rental you will have to pay is $399. But if you have your own business and you will have to depend on your home internet then this is the best service to access. This is the best medium to access SAAS products. As the competitive world demands fast service and fast work, this is the fastest broadband service ever. If you want to utilize this service as fast as you can and have enough to pay the amount of bill then you will install this service as fast as you can.No competition in the market

One competitor in the market named Verizon is also trying to launch and testing a 10 GBPS broadband service. But at the present moment they have not set any launching date. On the other part the US Internet service has been already tested and is ready to be launched in the market now. After this in queue the next internet service for small entrepreneurs and general customers is 1GBPS internet service. A recent study has revealed that Hong Kong ranks in the first number worldwide for the download speed. The download speed of Hong Kong is at 72.49 MBPS. The rank of US in the world is 31st. And it runs with an average speed of 20.77 MBPS. With the launching of this fastest new service US will jump forward quite a few ranks and it will help US to rank among the top most in the world. At first this 10GBPS service will be available for a few numbers of customers only but it will expand its service by 2015.

The compiled technology

This fiber optic technology of the fastest broadband service gives the customers the premium service. But this service comes from the highly spread network of the fiber optic technology. But for this premium service a highly different technology is required in the house but with the investment of high cost. Only one problem is there in the usage of this technology that unless your home is fully wired you are out of reach to avail this opportunity. On the US internet’s order page there is a note left for the usage of the consumer’s while the time of ordering. They have declared in the order page that they will not be able to access with the requests of the upcoming new orders as they will have to dig up more grounds which is not possible for them during this fall season. They have declared that they will start with their process again from the spring and they will give priority to those customers whose work is being hampered now due to the fall season. The CEO of the company has declared that Minneapolis will be the first city which is going to experience this high speed internet ever before experienced in this country.