Preventive Measures Propagate by Google to Stop Google Docs phishing attacks

With the onslaught of smart phones, Google play stores have become really predominant. The customers keep looking for better applications on a daily basis. Every activity is associated with trendy and new application download. Google play store is the hub of all sorts of application download. But due to increase of Google Docs phishing attacks the users need to be sure before downloading any sort of application.

Google is also taking strong measures to stop these applications from being downloaded. Even if these applications are downloaded, Google develops certain measure through which you can understand whether the downloaded application is authentic or not and can save yourself from Google Docs phishing attacks. The company has decided to add certain warnings or pop-up screens to warn its users to make users understand that the app they are downloading may lead their data or account details at risk.

An unverified app that supports this screen will come up on the screen of every user which will help the user to know that the app which seems to be legitimate whether it is legitimate or not. This verification is applicable for all sorts of existing apps. All the applications whether new or existing will be verified before being able to be downloaded from Google Play Store.

This is a big step taken by Google which will hinders the propagation of Google Docs phishing attacks. Google has said that it will add all these warning specifications to their Apps Scripts which enable Google to use add-ons or custom macros for its productivity application. These newly fed technologies will automatically inform if anyone’s account is at risk which will immediately send user the information regarding their data being at risk which allow them to make immediate decisions and to take precautions to save their valuable data. In this way, optimum security can be achieved and immediate measures can be taken to avoid any sorts of risk pertaining to misuse of user’s data. Google will also be benefited because it will be able to take necessary steps against these malicious software or apps by being able to prove their fallacy. It will also enable them to develop tests or certain developers. This news has been confirmed by Google, and thus the news has to be authentic.

The name of Google Docs has been quiet prevalent these days, we can see the downloading coming up as pop-up screen every now and then, but be aware, never download it as that may lead to dangerous consequences. Few days ago Google tried to test its integrity and the app turned out to be a fake one, so before adding it to your application, think twice. This is creating a serious problem and there are ample chances that your account can be hacked and can be misused.

So, Google has come up with a strong measure to save you from Google Docs phishing attacks and we should take the advantage. It is good to be smart, but definitely not at the cost of your security. Having an ample number of apps does not make you smart rather how aware you are does.