Google officially launched Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro on Oct 28. Google smartphones are a tough competitor to Samsung Galaxies and iPhones as these android phones offer excellent speed, photography and much comparable battery life.

These new pixel phones have a very unique and refreshing design and provide a whole new experience. And the best part is both the smartphone lead with Google- sole features and hardware but don’t burn your pocket.

Google pricing for Pixel 6 is $599, and 6 Pro is $899. Without any doubt, I can say Google’s these phones will be the best and preferable high-end android smartphones for most people out there.

Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro Features and Specifications:

Let’s go deeper and review both smartphones!

Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro Design

Without any doubt, I can say both smartphones are the excellent looking phones Google has ever built. Their fully aluminium and glass design made it super classy. Holding it in your hands feels super pleasant.

The front is almost full screen, and at the bottom, there are two speakers and a USB- C port. Apart from it, you will not find any headphone jack, and on the right, there are volume and power controls in both the pixels.

When you turn back the phones, there is a rectangular strip on the top which covers cameras. This isn’t either attractive or disappointing. It just looks fine. This rectangular strip contains three lenses on 6 Pro and two lenses on 6.

Pixel 6 is available in the following colours: Stormy Black, Kinda Coral and Sorta Seafoam. And Pixel 6 pro comes in: Cloudy White, Stormy Black and Sorta Sunny.


Google hardware remains the same every year, and the cameras are excellent in taking photos. Both the pixels have a 50-megapixel main camera with a 12-megapixel ultra-wide large sensor. In Pro, there is additional 4X optical zoom telephoto, and in all lenses, there is optical image stabilization.

I have clicked around 200 photos to check out its camera and compare it with its predecessor and iPhones. The result came out great. But definitely, I can’t say it’s the best among them all. In some pictures, it came out top and in some iPhones pulled out. Night mode, portrait mode are all excellent and never disappoint whenever I take photos. Sometimes, telephoto cameras struggle to focus in dim light. Pixel cameras are more vibrant and don’t screw colours. Overall, the pixel camera is just decent. Not too amazed or upset.

Tensor Power

It’s great news that you can take great videos now with the new models. Pixel perfectly balanced highlights do not brighten up all and deliver rich colours, maintaining shadow.

Apart from cameras, the tensor also powers new features like “Direct My Call,” which render menu options when you’re at call with 1-800 no. You don’t need to wait when you are on hold; the assistant will alert you when the other person is finally speaking.

Another fun feature is Live translation. Now you don’t need to open a translation app when someone messages you in a different language. Live translation will allow you to respond in a similar language.

Another one is Magic Eraser. It has an editing tool in Google photos. With this, you can erase unwanted things from the background of your photos.

Battery Life

Both smartphones offer excellent battery life for all-day. Tested out their batteries, and they pretty much lasted for the day. The Pro battery makes it longer.

I have used them all day, and when I reached bed at night, the battery was 40% left. The battery department is good.


It’s 6 Pro display is 6.7 inches, and Pixel 6 features a display of 6.4inch. Sharp and vibrant colours are delivered as both are OLED displays. Text and photos both come out sharp and shiny. It’s 6 Pro features a 120Hz refreshing rate, therefore, it provides a smoother gaming experience. The Pixel 6 has a 90Hz refresh rate. And it’s far better than iPhones.

Both models’ on-screen finger sensors work amazing. There is also an “Always On” functionality. Even after screen off, date, day, weather, battery life is going to be visible.

Who is it for?

Pixel 6 costs $599 and it’s effective for those who:

  • Want to run fast
  • For excellent photos
  • Want to use it for more years

6 Pro costs $899, and it’s for:

  • Want excellent photography with incredible telephoto lenses.
  • More enhanced experience

Pros & Cons

Let’s know more about these smartphones by going through their pros & cons.


  • Fast software updates
  • Amazing Google tensor
  • Useful AI features


  • Slow charging
  • Battery life is average.

Bottom line

Google these pixel phones are the best phones ever made. In terms of pricing, they are very much worthy. Both models offer decent battery life, smooth performance etc. We can conclude that they can replay the iphone. They are great android ones who can offer great experiences at such an affordable price. It’s your preferred choice to go for it.