Moodo Smart Home Fragrance Box is a new scent mixing system that has been customized to make your smart home smell good. It has been designed with the purpose of giving you control over the smell and fragrance in your home.

Since smell is one of the five senses, what we smell can trigger our reactions. Though it is one of the underrated senses, it is important and plays a key role in our mood swings. An unpleasant smell can put us in an unhappy mood while on the other hand when we smell something that reminds us of some pleasant memories, our mood automatically gets alleviated. It can also help us recollect and relive those happy memories.

What is Moodo Smart Home Fragrance Box?

Moodo Smart Home Fragrance Box is a customized scent mixing unit that has been designed to make your smart home smell good. The user can have a control over the various smells he needs in his home.

The Moodo Smart Home Fragrance Box works on the principle of a coffee machine. There are a series of smell capsules that can be used. You need to use your smartphone to adjust the intensity of the scent so that it matches your mood. For instance, if you have had a tiring day, then adjust the scent to provide a soothing and relaxing effect. Some of the customized scents can be kept for different occasions or used at certain times.

How the Moodo Smart Home Fragrance Box came about?

Yoav Avidor, the CEO of Agan Aroma gives us an insight into the designing of the Moodo Smart Home Fragrance Box. While he was vacationing with friends, they discussed about creating a Nespresso type perfume machine which was capsule based. One of his friends was the co-founder of an Israeli internet company which was highly successful and they made toolbars for Google. Based on the Nespresso type machine, they created a connected device to create and manage the scents and the surrounding atmosphere.

Though it started in a light vein, they got carried away and started imagining the device concepts and applications.

When he got home, Avidor began researching the connected home and fragrance market. He thought that if he could provide a user-friendly way of mixing and customizing your own fragrances, then Moodo Smart Home Fragrance Box could be a runaway success. Since Agan Aroma was already producing fragrances, the company had the knowledge of the different scents which were relaxing and which were romantic.

They conducted various market research to identify what fragrances the consumers were looking for. They have collected data and will be launching more capsules with different scents. The Agan Aroma company worked with the Israeli tech company and designed a box to contain the mixing technology that was required to make Moodo Smart Home Fragrance Box a great success. The company worked with various other perfumers, mostly from France and finally came out with the Moodo Smart Home Fragrance Box.

With the Moodo Smart Home Fragrance Box, you have to insert the mix-pack of scents and use the smartphone app. A fragrance playlist can be set up on similar lines as that of a music playlist. It can also be used with other IoT devices like the smart alarm clock and smart lighting systems.

It is selling on Indiegogo for $149 for one Moodo Smart Home Fragrance Box and 8 capsules. For $179 you get a Moodo Smart Home Fragrance Box and 16 capsules.

Those of you who want the pleasant smell of fragrance to linger in your homes then the Moodo Smart Home Fragrance Box is a good buy.