If you are smitten by the Smart Home bug then there are a number of DIY projects which can help in flooding your home with really smart devices. These devices are easy to make by using simple things and within a really short time. Check out this list of 5 simple yet smart DIY projects which will help in turning your sweet abode into a Smart Home.

  1. Security Camera for Smart Home

Smart Home means a secure home and you can easily bring security to your Smart Home using the Raspberry Pi components to create a fully functional security camera. Using Pi components you can set up a DIY security camera exactly as per your household need specification to keep an eye on the property and these camera works even when the lights are off. You simply need a Raspberry Pi, its camera accessory and some other important bits and pieces to create your very own security camera. Don’t forget to make use of its free MotionPie software which helps in accessing your devices from any kind of web browser.

  1. Smart Home: Automatic Pool Controller

If you got a pool at home then you can make it smart literally with a highly advanced DIY kit for the pool available on the Hackster.io. Users are required to buy a Raspberry Pi, Arduino boards and Window 10 IoT cORE software to create the system for controlling pool smartly. Follow the instructions and equipment stated on the site and you will be able to create a system which will aid in controlling the pump, lights and heating around the pool.

  1. Smart Home: Take your AC unit to next level with Sensibo

You can boost the performance of the AC and can add more new exciting features by buying a Sensibo device. This device will allow you to get better control over the AC via any smartphone. Now you will be able to set timers for varied functions like heating and cooling attributes and it can go a long in saving huge on the energy bills.

  1. Smart Home: Door Alarm for Your Refrigerator

You can turn your existing electronics like refrigerator into a smart device using the LittleBits Smart Home Kit. This kit comes loaded with a range of simple tech bits which eventually helps in adding much needed digital and web-enabled features to the usual electronics. Making use of the LEDs, sensors and buttons from the Smart Home Kit you can make a Smart Fridge wherein it tells users whether the temperature is too cold or less cold by relaying a text on the door.

  1. Face recognizing door

Smart Home will be incomplete without a Smart Door which can recognize the face and give access to the right person. Following the instruction at Hackster.io you can create a smart door using just a Raspberry Pi or a MinnowBoardMax along with the Windows 10 IoT Core as the reliable software. Designing and developing a Smart Door is not an easy cake so carefully follow the instructions and get the next level of security at home.