Rylo: Unusual 360 degree camera

With this 360-degree camera, Rylo takes image stabilization and video cutting to a new level – the editors reveal what the camera can do! No more shaky shots: From 360-degree shots the camera makes Rylo smooth movies. Their developers are former Instagram employees. No wonder they have something else in mind with their invention.

Alex Karpenko shows me a camera and tells me to take it and run it. We’re standing on a pier in San Francisco and the device in Karpenko’s hand is an unpublished prototype of a new software-supported video camera called Rylo. Karpenko wants me to understand what he and his co-founder Chris Cunningham shows investors when they ask him why they should invest in the product. Karpenko tells me that he has no qualms that I’m not keeping the camera calm enough or that the subject is not right. “Just start,” he says. So I grab the camera – a small, elongated 360-degree camera with one lens each front and back – and run.

60-degree cameras provide the perfect all-round view for anyone who does not want to miss any detail. In order to convert the collected video material into an appealing form, Rylo offers a 360 degree camera with app. This should make the cutting out of desired material very easy. So in the future, you no longer have to decide what to focus on in your video.

Rylo: High-resolution photos and videos

Surely you know this: You are shooting a video, focusing only on your focus point and then, when you work on the whole thing, you notice that in the left corner, right at the edge, the actual star of your recording is fooling around. But the video is long gone, set the image area. 360 degree cameras prevent such a faux pas. The goal: to record as much as possible. The camera of a team of former employees of Instagram and Apple joins in there. They developed the Rylo camera. The is 7.2×3.7×4.2 inches tall and weighs 108 grams. It allows according to the manufacturer to take pictures in 4K. The good piece has two wide-angle lenses, each with 208-degree view. If you prefer to shoot photos, you will get their money’s worth with 6K panoramic shots. 5,000 photos or around 34 minutes of video are possible with the integrated 16 megabyte microSD card. The memory is expandable to 256 gigabytes.

Rylo camera: object recognition via app

The camera by Rylo should conveniently allow you to set the focus after the shooting. Connect the camera to an iPhone via cable and open the app. Then you only need to mark one person or one item, the object recognition already takes effect. Thanks to the function, the desired elements always remain in the middle of the image section. But you do not only want to go the distance in a roller coaster ride, but also show the amusement park in a loop? There is also a solution for that. Mark the points that should be in the video and the app simulates pans. So that your racy shots never disturb a wobbly picture, the Rylo camera ensures according to the manufacturer for horizontal image stabilization.

Rylo, Availability and price

The camera is available now – but only in the US. The price: 499 US dollars (around 428 euros). The app is so far only available for iOS devices, an Android version will follow.

These 360-degree cameras have everything in view