The new Geneva Lab speaker Touring/xS is compact, stylish & powerful

The Bluetooth speaker segment is going through rapid phase of new existing devices since the mobile phones started ditching the 3.5 mm jacks. Bluetooth speakers has simply got better with age and with each passing week we are getting better speakers at affordable price points. Geneva Lab has just launched a new portable Bluetooth speaker named Touring/xS which offer incredible sound with no strings attached literally. This Bluetooth is heavily inspired from the iconic Touring S FM/DAB radio but it comes in a compact form factor apart from offering one best sound quality to the users.

Features of Touring/xS

Touring/xS is being promoted as the loud little speaker one can find in the market and it is true in its claim. It offers highly satisfying bass at any volume without any kind of distortion. Listening songs indoors and outdoors is enough to surprise everyone with the loud & clear sound coming out of its small and compact body. It is small enough to fit into any handbag or backpack without taking of the space and it is highly portable.

Geneva Lab engineers have used finished aircraft grade aluminium as well as high quality leather in the creation of this speaker. This gives it a highly sturdy feel and ensures that it is able to handle the little bruises and rough handling with ease for the power users. Having a leather finish at the back gives it highly premium and luxurious feel to this small speaker.

Touring/xS; It’s all about the great sound

This speaker is backed by Class D amplifier along with having two front0-facing active drivers. In order to give error free sound quality with dynamic range rear passive low end-boosting radiator speakers has been placed in it. Geneva Labs aims to offers such sound quality which can be heard by listener from any part of the room or close surrounding without any distortion or shortcoming in any manner.

When it comes to usability it possess a single aluminium dial along with an auto-connect Bluetooth functionality. Streaming music from any device like smartphone, tablet or MP3 becomes simple and fast with the time saving auto-connect functionality. Users aren’t required to set up Bluetooth connection with Touring/xS each time they wish to listen to the music.

Years of engineering at work

Geneva Lab states that it has put its 12 years of Swiss Hi-Fi engineering into the creation of this marvellous Bluetooth which defies everything with its incredible loud sound output couple with smaller footprint and a long lasting battery of 20 hour. This speaker weighs bit on the higher side at 725 grams but it does feature the 3.5 mm jack along with the support for Bluetooth.

Geneva Lab will be bringing Touring/xS in four colour options namely Inky Black, Sumptuous Red, Vintage Cognac and Fresh White. This speaker will be made available for wider audience in December where it will be giving competition to other major brands by retailing at a price of just $135.