Foldable, Dual Screen and First of its kind: ZTE Axon M

ZTE Axon M range has been offering some commendable smartphones at attractive price points for quite some time. But this time around ZTE has left all the major smartphone OEMs behind by bringing the first mainstream dual screen smartphone ZTE Axom M with high end specifications and amazing performance capability. It certainly doesn’t look like the $700 above smartphone and nor does it offers a sleek and inspiring design which is common for the high end flagships but it does bring a refreshing take on the smartphone design.

The Dual Mode of ZTE Axon M

This ZTE Axon M phone is all about the dual screen so focusing on the Dual Mode feature makes sense. This mode allows users to two apps on different screens but side by side. It works efforts in both the portrait and landscape mode and happens to be extremely productive and functional in every way. Using this mode users can watch videos on the YouTube and keep a track on the business news simultaneously or they can look out for a new meeting place on the Google Place while writing an email or another screen.

ZTE Axon M is smart when it comes to perfectly utilizing the dual screens. It efficiently manages the audio wherein users only hear the screen with they are interacting when they have music based application in use on both the screens.

The Mirror Mode of ZTE Axon M

As the name ZTE Axon M suggests mirror mode brings same content on both screens for viewing. This comes handy when playing movies or other media content which can be shared with other instantly by folding the phone in a tent-like position.

ZTE has ensured that users don’t have any issue in switching between the different modes by making simple software gestures. These gestures allow users to send an app from one screen to another as well as extend it onto both the screens. However it is bit buggy and miss out on some occasions but when it does work it acts like a charm.

It comes with a 3180 mAh battery which is good enough to last a day but users will certainly to plug it up before the night comes. ZTE has been generous enough to offers a single 20 megapixel camera which helps in capturing highly detailed crisp images.  It runs on the year old quad core Snapdragon 821 processor coupled with 4G of RAM with an internal storage of 64 GB.

ZTE Axon M is being seen as the first ‘dual screen phone’ which brought us a device with two screens, both in functional and practical fashion not seen in the past. On the hardware front this device is aptly loaded and might appear bit bloated in the age of slim and bezelless devices but on the software it has all the right specification to deal with any task thrown at it with exceptional performance. It does have a steep price of $725 which might not in its favour as market is flooded with better looking and performing devices at similar price point.