People till date have been using country specific domains to receive google search results that is required for that region. But the choice of country service will no longer be indicated by domain. Google top- level domain does not give priority to country’s codes anymore, so it decided to provide localized results on the mobile web, the google iOS app including search and Maps for desktop, without depending on country specific domain.You’ll be served the country service that corresponds to your location. Now you’ll automatically be served the appropriate country service without seeing a change in google.

This is suitable for travelers where users will automatically get local results for the country they’re visiting and then return to seeing results based on their home when they return. Google will use your location to display the result in front of you, for example if you are currently in NEW ZEALAND and you are going to visit Google. Com au then you will still be able to get search results depending upon your current location.

The google identifies the location; current location will be displayed on the lower left corner of the page. Google has the ability to automatically detect your current location, even if you change your country and will automatically provide search results accordingly. For instance you moved to SWITZERLAND then it will automatically provide you results for Switzerland. The google will transition back to United States as you move back to the previous location but however the change will be blocking users from getting results from different regions. If you want to see localized results for another country while you’re still home, you can always switch to another location. Go to settings and look for the drop down menu marked “Regions for search Results” to set the location you want.

A new listing of local business in search result was rolled out, changing the previous local 7 pack, where seven local businesses were featured to a trimmed local 3 pack view.

The local listings were in packs of 3, 5or 7before updating. By this more local businesses had a chance to squeaks in to the first search result page even if they didn’t perform well.

The phone numbers and exact addresses has been deleted from the listings by google only showing the name of the street where the business is located. Before the update, searchers were no longer given your business contact information therefore they needed to look for it on their own.